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As part of this line of business, Aena manages the areas allocated for shops within the commercial areas in all of our airports. As all contracting procedures are carried out through public tender, when new commercial opportunities become available, Aena will publish them on its website:

commercial license awards

Using this link, the brands can access their participation in tenders, whenever they want, and evaluate it at all times.

40,000 m2 distributed across more than 330 sites

We are joined by the best brands; our airports have more than 135 brands -44 of which are luxury- spread out over more than 40,000 m2, making their commercial areas complete spaces where waiting for an airplane is a pleasant experience.


We deal directly with national, international and local brands, whether it be personally or through an operator specialising in airport retail.

We always aim to work with the best brands, as well as offering new business opportunities in all areas of retail.

Our challenge within the current range of commercial offering is to make the shopping experience into something enjoyable for frequent flyers who do not have time to go shopping centres in their day-to-day lives, and also for those passengers who make impulse purchases.


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On our website, in the section detailing the commercial offering in each airport, there are information sheets describing each shop, with details of their opening times, locations on the map, contact details, websites, etc. and information of interest on each of the airport's brands. Your business' visibility is guaranteed.

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