Air Freight Facility

Offices, business premises and car parks serving air freight at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat airport.

The Barcelona Air Freight Facility, at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport, is strategically located in one of the major industrial and consumer hinterlands.

The centre's facilities, on an area of nearly 40 hectares, are organised around two differentiated lines of operation. In the first line are the handling operators, autohandling companies and couriers, all operating in warehouses with direct access to the apron. The second line consists of facilities for forwarders, an ideal location for cargo agents relating to the first line operations and for operators of the air transport logistics chain in general.

Imagen Centro Carga aerea

The Barcelona Air Freight Facility, in constant expansion, is currently working to extend the first and second lines, and a third phase of its Strategic Plan is set to go ahead.

The general services building

With a functional yet iconic design, the general services building is home to more than 80 companies involved in the air freight logistics chain. This is the nerve centre of the Air Freight Facility, where the most important airlines, GSAs, forwarders, Customs agents and others interact, all renting premises just a few metres from the first line terminals. The building has a fully equipped business centre and catering services. There is a Government centre housing the services associated with airport operations, Customs, phytosanitary and veterinary inspection services, and the offices of the border inspection post.

Why operate in the Barcelona Air Freight Facility?

  • It forms part of the only logistics platform of its kind in Europe: in an area with a 7 kilometre radius there are 2,000 hectares dedicated to logistics.
  • It is strategically located: in a major industrial and consumer hinterland.
  • It has good road connections and is very close to the port.
  • It makes it possible to integrate on a single site all the operators of the logistics chain, reducing delivery times and costs.
  • It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • It has a Border Inspection Post for all product types, and a Government centre with all the customs services required for airport operations.
  • It is home to more than 100 companies operating in the facilities: forwarders, GSAs, airlines, integrators, couriers, etc.
  • It has 4 handling operators at your service.
  • The facilities can be adapted to the specific requirements of the clients: special facilities for live animals, perishable products, valuable goods, urgent package services, etc.
  • It has a general services building with a business centre, restaurant, catering service, car park, etc.

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