Baggage Service from the Plane to Home

Can you imagine not having to wait for your bags on the baggage claim belt?

With the City delivery: Skip baggage claim service you can go straight home from the plane.

  • We collect your bags at the baggage claim belt.
  • We deliver it to you at the city address you have told us.
  • You choose the delivery time that best suits you.


It saves you waiting for your baggage when you leave the plane

You don't have to carry your baggage

You can make the most of your time

Travel more comfortably and safely

We take care of everything

Tell us a place to make the delivery and we'll take your baggage

Your baggage flies with you

When you land, we will collect your bags and send them directly to the address you tell us

Guaranteed Security

We seal your bags in front of you to ensure the safety of your baggage

Have you thought about what it would be like to fly without having to take care of your bags?

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