Airport notices Logroño-Agoncillo

Operations outside normal hours

Occasional operations outside the operating hours published in the AIP will be attended to at Logroño-Agoncillo Airport.

The following procedures must be followed:

  1. Fill in the form which you can download here in Doc or PDF format.
  2. Next, send the form sufficiently in advance for publication of the corresponding NOTAM to the application management centres designated for the purpose by Aena, that is the Centre of Operations of the same airport. The contact data for the Logroño-Agoncillo Airport Centre of Operations are:

    +34 941 277 479
    +34 941 277 477
  3. Please wait for your request to be confirmed or declined through the contact methods you provided in the form.

The applicable rates are those corresponding to operations outside operating hours published in the AIP (except for cargo flights).