Photo gallery of Cantabria

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Between the high mountains that give a range its name, and the winding coast with fine sand beaches that give a sea its name, Cantabria has deep valleys that preserve historic ways of life, with towns with unique charm and one of the most important cave painting heritage sites in the world.

  • Santander Bay
  • La Magdalena Palace
  • Paseo Pereda
  • Cathedral
  • Santo Cristo Church
  • Lancha de las Reginas in Santander bay
  • Alameda de Oviedo
  • Plaza Velarde square
  • Calle Lope de Vega street
  • City Hall
  • Hotel Real
  • Gran Casino
  • Eastern Market
  • La Esperanza Market
  • Pereda Gardens
  • Llamas Park
  • Llamas Park with Picos de Europa mountains in the background
  • Mouro Island lighthouse
  • Menéndez Pelayo Library
  • Palacio de Festivales
  • Botín Centre
  • Maritime Museum of the Cantabrian
  • Maritime Museum of the Cantabrian
  • Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology of Cantabria
  • Altamira Cave. Bison
  • Altamira Cave. Bison lying down.
  • Altamira Cave. Ceiling of the gran sala
  • Altamira Cave. La Gran Cierva cave painting
  • El Castillo Cave in Puente Viesgo
  • Roman city of Julióbriga