Photo gallery of Lugo

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Lugo is the Roman splendour of its capital, but it is also La Mariña in the north, bordered by deep rivers and cliffside beaches where the Cantabrian Sea can unleash its power, and the medieval monasteries and terraced vineyards of Ribeira Sacra in the south.

  • Lugo. Panoramic view from the bailey of the wall
  • Lugo cathedral
  • Lugo. Roman wall
  • Roman wall Santiago Gate
  • Roman thermae
  • Roman bath
  • Santa María de Lugo cathedral
  • Cathedral. Night view
  • Cathedral. Apse and bell tower
  • Cathedral. Pantocrator of the north gate
  • Cathedral. Altarpiece of the southern arm
  • Cathedral. Paintings on the dome
  • Plaza de Santa María square
  • Bishop's palace
  • Plaza de Campo Castelo square
  • Plaza de O Campo square
  • Plaza Mayor square and Town Hall
  • Círculo de las Artes in Plaza Mayor square
  • San Francisco convent and San Pedro church
  • Cloister of the Convent of San Francisco
  • Domus do Mitreo museum
  • Provincial Museum
  • Lugo Roman bridge
  • Castro de Santa María de Cervantes hillfort
  • Castro de Fazouro hillfort
  • Castro de Formigueiros hillfort
  • Castro de Viladonga hillfort
  • Castro da Torre de Sobredo hillfort
  • Castro de Vilar hillfort
  • San Salvador de Vilanova de Lourenzá monastery