In line with Aena's Environmental Policy, Valladolid Airport is aware of the commitment it has made to the public to protect the environment and contribute to sustainable air transport.

In recent years the airport's commitment to the environment has progressed on a continual basis by means of the implementation of its own Environmental Management System.

In April 2005 the Airport was awarded ISO 14001 certification, granted by AENOR, the Spanish Standards and Certification Agency. This certificate guarantees that the environmental management system implemented by Valladolid Airport complies with all the requirements set forth in standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004.

The airport has set itself a range of objectives to ensure ongoing improvement and adaptation to new needs. These include compliance with legislation, improving storage conditions for dangerous waste through the use of a "clean point", using an authorised waste management agency, creating intermediate collection points, building an aircraft de-icing apron, devising a maintenance plan for hydrocarbon separators, making annual analyses of spills (sewage and rainwater) and monitoring and controlling airport concessionaires, etc. These objectives are all aimed at guaranteeing the safety and protection of the environment.

The airport is also equipped with containers for the selective collection of glass, paper/cardboard, alkaline batteries, copier toner and urban waste.

Training courses in environment awareness are also run for the various groups associated with the airport, their aim being to prevent risks, save energy and encourage reuse and recycling.

The airport has a special apron for conducting fire fighting drills that meets all the necessary requirements for avoiding soil contamination.

The management system documentation includes instructions for correct practices when faced with potential fuel spillages on the apron.