Cultural tours

Valencia airport is open to receiving visits from abroad, these mainly being aimed at schoolchildren who, throughout their school year, frequently travel to the airport's facilities to find out more about them and understand their function and the service they provide.

The procedure to book a visit is as follows: The school should contact the Executive Secretary's Office by calling 961 598 509 to arrange a date for the visit. It will then receive the tour's itinerary which it will follow to learn about the terminal's public spaces:

Guided tours with airport personnel are also offered one day per week, on Thursdays. On these tours, personnel from the Airport Services Centre accompany students through all the areas to be visited, both public and restricted (baggage reclaim hall, boarding lounge, etc.), explaining how the different services work.

At the end of the tour all students will receive a small gift as a souvenir from their visit.

Schools will not be charged for the visits, whether they be unaccompanied or guided.