P1 general car park

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The car park at Tenerife Sur Airport is conveniently located a few metres from the terminal, which can be reached easily in just a few minutes.

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GPS co-ordinates

Car park entrance (1):
Latitude: 28º 02' 53.73'' N
Longitude: 16º 34' 44.06'' W
Car park entrance (2):
Latitude: 28º 02' 55.58'' N
Longitude: 16º 34' 39.38'' W

P1 general car park

Public car park meeting point

See plan for car park meeting point


First minute: 0,50 .
Minute 2 to minute 30: € 0,017362 per minute.
From minute 31: € 0,033243 per minute.
Maximum per day up to 4 days: € 13.
Maximum per day from the fifth day: € 11.



  • 532, twelve for people with reduced mobility.