Photo gallery of Tarragona

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The Romans disembarked in Tarraco in the 3rd century before Christ, and they came to stay. Today, the empire survives in the form of the largest monumental Roman legacy outside of Italy, surrounded by artistic gems such as the monastery of Poblet, and the more than 60 sandy beaches of the Costa Daurada.

  • Tarragona. Panoramic view of the Maritime Quarter
  • Pretorio Roman tower
  • Roman amphitheatre
  • Los Escipiones Tower
  • Forum
  • Vault of the Roman Circus
  • Apse of the Roman Circus
  • Las Ferreres Aqueduct
  • Las Ferreres Aqueduct
  • Roman walls of Tarragona
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Tarragona Cathedral
  • Portico of the Cathedral
  • Cathedral cloister
  • Casa Balcells
  • Arches on Calle Mercería
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Plaza del Forum
  • Plaza del Pallol
  • Paseo de Sant Antoni
  • Rambla Nova
  • Plaza de la Font and City Hall
  • Casa Castellarnau
  • Casa Canals
  • View of the city of Tarragona
  • Balcón del Mediterráneo viewpoint
  • Sunset
  • Iberian villabe of Castellet de Banyoles
  • Roman villa of Centcelles
  • Reus. Teatre Fortuny theatre