Photo gallery of Valladolid

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Chosen on numerous occasions by Castile monarchs as a base for their itinerant court, Valladolid is a land of infinite horizons that hides great surprises. One example is the National Museum of Sculpture which houses works from the great Spanish sculptors: Juan de Juni, Gregorio Fernández and Berruguete.

  • Valladolid. Plaza Mayor main square
  • Cathedral. Juan de Juni altarpiece
  • City Hall
  • Calle Catedral
  • Casa del Príncipe
  • San Pablo Church and Palace of the Counts of Rivadavia
  • San Pablo Church exterior
  • San Pablo Church. Lintel detail
  • San Gregorio School
  • Dead Christ by Gregorio Fernández
  • Cathedral. Main façade
  • Juan de Juni. Virgin of the Anguish or of the seven daggers
  • Nuestra Señora de la Antigua Church
  • El Salvador Church
  • San Benito el Real Church
  • University building exterior
  • Santa Cruz Palace
  • Santa Cruz Palace Patio
  • Valladolid. Royal Palace.
  • Royal Palace
  • Vera Vruz Church
  • The Palace of the Counts of Rivadavia. Tiles
  • Fabio Nelli Palace
  • Valladolid. Palace of the Marquises of Valverde
  • The Palace of the Counts of Benavente
  • Santa Cruz de las Comendadoras Convent. Cloisters
  • Santa Isabel Convent Church interior
  • Calle Platería
  • The river Pisuerga passing through Valladolid
  • Canal of Castile. Ramal Sur