Lost and Found

If you have lost any personal belongings on board an aircraft, please contact your airline.

If you have lost any personal belongings at the airport, follow the instructions below.

Lost and Found
Lost property

Instructions to recover your lost objects at the airport:

  1. Send us the form by email: fill in the attached form describing your belongings, flight date, flight number, contact information, etc. and send it to scqobjetosperdidos@aena.es. Be as precise as possible. The information provided must be detailed enough to unequivocally identify your object. If possible, attach a photograph of the object.

    Lost property reclaim form (pdf, 379.38 kB)

    In the event that you cannot make the request by form, you should send an email to scqobjetosperdidos@aena.es indicating at least:

    • Name, address, telephone number of the person collecting the item.
    • Date and place where the owner last saw the item or where they believe they misplaced it.
    • You must also attach the following information:
      • A photocopy of the owner’s national ID, NIE or passport number (compulsory)
      • A photograph of the item, receipt, etc. (optional)
  2. If you cannot collect the item yourself, you can authorise someone to collect it on your behalf. On the form, please indicate how you wish to proceed. If you are making the request by email please indicate:
    • The name and surname(s) of the person collecting the item (compulsory)
    • The national ID, NIE or passport number of the person collecting the item (compulsory)

    This authorisation can also be given by letter, which the authorised person must bring with them.

  3. Confirmation: if your items are delivered to this office, we will contact you by email, providing you with the corresponding registration number and information on what you need to do, and what documentation you need to provide, in order to collect them (either in person or by authorising a third party).

    We will respond to your request to collect a lost item within a maximum of 3 working days form having received it.

  4. Pick-up: the owner must provide proof of identity (national ID card, NIE or passport number), and a written authorisation (form, email or letter) if the person collecting the item is not the owner.
  5. The lost property service is free of charge and therefore items cannot be shipped. If you cannot come to the airport, we recommend that you contact a courier service that could deliver your object to you.

    Remember that if you select this payment method, you will have to authorise the courier service staff to collect the item on your behalf by following the instructions detailed in Point 2.

  • Opening hours: Working days, from 8:00am to 4:00pm