Business services

Relaxation and business lounges

Lounges for taking a break or for holding conferences and business or private meetings.

Conference and meeting room

New room managed by Aena for conferences and business or private meetings, in the restricted area of the terminal.

Arrive, have your meeting and catch your next flight. San Sebastián airport offers a meeting room seating 25 for business or private meetings. Located in the restricted area of the terminal, it allows fast access to it. There is also an option to hire the VIP waiting lounge and the supplementary accompaniment services offered by Iberia.

Private relaxation lounge

Lounge belonging to Aena available at departures and at arrivals, for private or commercial flights. It can be booked through Iberia's accompaniment service or as a waiting lounge only (without supplementary services).

Lounge equipped for four people, which can be reached in total privacy from the side of the building to the lounge, going on to the apron after its use. This requires contracting the VIP accompaniment service with Iberia, which optionally may include a catering service and courtesy car to the aircraft.

Alternatively, in commercial flights the lounge can be hired as a waiting lounge without the accompaniment service, in which case access and boarding will be on the public side of the terminal. Interested parties can request it by email from the lounge leaseholder. However, this cannot offer personalised attention.

Public relaxation lounge

Free relaxation area divided into four areas, located in a public space.