Sabadell Airport has two parking areas: one next to the Aena office building and one by the hangars, inside the airport grounds. Both are just a few metres from the facilities, which can be reached in less than two minutes.

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GPS co-ordinates

Aena office car park:

Latitude: 41º 31' 14.25'' N
Longitude: 2º 6' 6.26'' E

Hangars car park:

Latitud: 41° 31' 28.8042" N
Longitud: 2° 6' 16.9194" E

Administrative building car park

Car park hangar area

See plan for Car park hangar area




  • 185 spaces (three for the disabled ) plus three for buses at the general car park; 356 for cars plus 11 for the disabled and 40 for motorbikes in the hangars area.