Frequently asked questions

Our job is to resolve passengers' queries at the airport.

What are the opening hours of the airport?

From 09.00 hours to sunset. When sunrise is later than the hour indicated, the airport will open at that time.

What forms of transport are available to get to the city?

Line L11 of Transports Urbans de Sabadell (Castellarnau-Sant Pau de Riu-sec) stops next to the airport, and connects it to the Ferrocarrils de Catalunya local railway station.

What type of aircraft can operate on the airport?

Sabadell Airport can only be used by light aircraft due to the limitation imposed by the length of runway (900 metres) and only when conditions allow flying under visual flight rules (VFR).

What type of fuel is available, which company is the supplier, and what type of credit cards are accepted?

Aviation petrol (AVGAS) 100LL, JET A-1 100W lubricant. The supplier is SLCA. Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Opening times are the same as for the airport.

How I can get in touch with the operations office?

If you wish to contact the Operations Office (COM / AIS / ARO) of the airport, you can do so through the following means:

Phone: 937 282 110


Are there spaces to leave my aircraft?

Space is available for aircraft storage in our hangars. For more information, please contact us:

Are there companies of aerial work at the airport?

Sabadell Airport is the base for companies specialising in aerial photography, aerial advertising and banner towing, such as TAVISA:

Can I hire an airtaxi?

Yes. There are various companies both for aircraft and for helicopter hire.