Use rules

At Aena, we work every day to ensure you are safe at our facilities and enjoy a quality experience. In order to achieve this, we need your participation to prevent actions that hinder the smooth running of the airport and bother other users.

Not allow actions include:

  • Carrying out any type of commercial or advertising activity, as well as offering any type of service at an airport without prior authorisation from Aena or a corresponding contract signed with Aena.
  • Improperly using services and supplies to carry out activities that may damage or modify the airport space and disposing of waste outside the designated areas.
  • Accessing restricted security areas without authorisation and, in particular, accessing restricted security areas using a valid transport document without the intention to fly in order to provide any kind of services to passengers.
  • Blocking emergency exits or using them without just cause.
  • Smoking or starting a fire in any area of the passenger terminals or closed-off areas.
  • Consuming alcoholic drinks outside of establishments designated for such a purpose (cafeterias, restaurants and VIP lounges), as well as being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
  • Carrying animals without the proper transport and security conditions and/or required documentation.
  • Using personal transport vehicles (scooters, Segways, bicycles, etc.) without due authorisation, except those for people with a disability.
  • Taking professional photographs or films in security areas without due authorisation.
  • Begging, selling, accumulating belongings which are not considered travel luggage or camping (mats, caravans, etc.).
  • Organising unauthorised events or demonstrations.

Ultimately, any actions that may affect the security or normal functioning of airport activities, or cause an affray.

Performing prohibited actions may lead to removal from the airport and a claim being submitted to the competent authorities.

Thank you for helping us make the airport a place you enjoy being.