Firearms transport

The regulated weapons, whose purchase, possession and use are authorised or permitted, must be checked in and transported in the aircraft luggage hold.

Transportation Requirements

  • The weapons must be unloaded and inside their cases.
  • The ammunition will be transported in rigid cases separate from those employed to transport the weapons.

Procedure to follow at Airport of Origin

A. Weapons control

  • Passengers residing in Spain and EU countries should provide the following documentation:

    1. I.D. or passport.
    2. Weapons license.
    3. Weapons possession guide.
    4. Transportation title (ticket).
    5. European Weapons License (EU countries).

    If the person checking in the weapon is not the owner, this person must also provide the authorization of the owner in order to go through the formality of checking it in.

  • Foreign passengers from non-EU countries should provide the following documentation:

    1. Passport.
    2. Special permit granted upon entrance into Spain.
    3. Flight ticket.
  • The form number 790 must be filled out (one form per passenger), and the corresponding fee must be paid at any bank near the weapons control room. If you find it more convenient, you can fill out the 790 form and pay the fee at any bank before coming to the airport.

    You will receive the weapons shipment authorization along with the receipt confirming payment of the corresponding fee.

    With the weapons shipment authorization and the weapons and ammunition cases inspected, you can proceed to the check-in counter of the airlines with which you are going to travel.

B. Check-in counter

In addition to the requisite documentation, you must hand over the weapons and ammunition cases along with the luggage to check-in.

The airline check-in personnel will seal the weapons and ammunition according to the established regulations.

Procedure to follow at destination airport

If your destination is an EU country, you should be aware that the European weapons licence will serve as the documentation of your weapon. You must not forget to hand it over to the competent authorities at the border so that, once approved and stamped, it will be properly restored.

If your destination is a non-EU country, inquire at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate of that country about the current legislation regarding possession, circulation and use of firearms.