Health alert: coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak


  • Due to the COVID-19 health crisis travelling is not allowed except for reasons that cannot be postponed. If this is your case, remember to check with your airline always before flying and follow these measures when you arrive at the airport .
    • Keep a safe distance (at least 1 m) from others.
    • do not go to the airport more than 90 minutes in advance.
    • Avoid large groups of people.
  • As from 0.00 hours on 23 March travellers entry through the Spanish external borders is restricted. Only  the following will be allowed entry: nationals and Spanish residents; residents in other EU countries or Schengen countries to get to their places of residence; holders of a long-stay visa issued by a Member State going to the latter; cross-border sanitary or elderly care workers; transport of goods; diplomats; and due to force majeure reasons when justified.
  • As from 0.00 hous on 19 March  all commertial or private flights originating in any  national airport and arriving to any airport in the Canaries or Balearic Islands are banned. Please note that some flights that are still scheduled: Orden TMA/246/2020 (Canarias) and Orden TMA/247/2020 (Baleares)
  • As from 0.00 hours on17 March the following flights are banned: all flights between any airport in the Spanish Peninsula and Melilla and the helicopter flights between any airport or heliport in the Spanish Peninsula and Ceuta.
  • @aena it is the official Twitter account of the 46 airports and 2 heliports of the Aena network.
  • Always check the official sources.

The Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE) has published Royal Decree 463/2020, approved this Saturday by the extraordinary Council of Ministers, declaring the state of Alert in Spain to slow down the advance of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

This exceptional measure establishes conditions for the movement of citizens and economic activity, with measures that affect transportation and customs transit.

  • 50% reduction in airline operations
  • Obligation to carry out daily cleaning on aircraft and to ensure the maximum possible separation between passengers during transport
  • Facilitate the transport of goods in order to guarantee supply
  • Guarantee customs transit at border inspection points, giving priority to essential goods

Recomendaciones COVID-19

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda establishes a period of 5 days, as from the publication date in the BOE, to comply with these regulations and reserves the right to review them in the light of developments.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation advises against traveling abroad. Several countries have established travel restrictions on Spanish citizens. Check the updated list of countries:

Know your rights if your flight has been affected by the current public health emergency situation as a consequence of the COVID-19 coronavirus:

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