Photo gallery of Araba/Álava

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Vitoria is a cared-for and elegant city with a high quality of life and boasts an historic centre that preserves its medieval layout. Its privileged location is well communicated with the most beautiful spots in the province: a maze of towns, defensive towers, mountains and hills, and great passion for wine and its culture.

  •  Vitoria. Plaza de la Virgen Blanca square
  • Vitoria. Panoramic view
  • San Miguel Arcángel Church
  • San Vicente hill and the Arquillos house
  • Houses in Vitoria with their typical glass-lined galleries
  • Doña Otxanda tower, Natural Science Museum
  • Plaza del Machete square
  • Calle Correría
  • El Portalón
  • Wall
  • Santa María Cathedral
  • Cathedral. Right or final judgement entry
  • María Inmaculada Church, new cathedral
  • María Inmaculada Church, new cathedral. Nave
  • San Pedro Church
  • Vitoria townhall
  • Diputación palace
  • Escoriaza-Esquivel palace
  • Bendaña palace. Patio
  • Montehermoso palace
  • Fine Arts Museum
  • Ajuria Enea palace
  • The Walker statue, by Juan José Eguizábal
  • Reflection statue, by Casto Solano
  • Paseo de la Senda promenade
  • Santa Leocadia cave, in Marquínez
  • Dolmen de Sorguinetxe, in Arriaga
  • Dolmen la Chabola de la Hechicera
  • Dolmen de Aizkomendi
  • Town of La Hoya