The Palma de Mallorca Airport is conscious of the importance of promoting growth and revealing the aeronautical world to the public. With this objective in mind, the airport has prepared various cultural activities over the years.

Cultural tours

For nearly twenty years, Palma de Mallorca airport has been inviting schools on the island to participate in a series of educational projects related to airports and aeronautics. These activities are divided into two parts: the first consists of a tour of the airport and the second, which began in 2002, consists of a visit to Can Reviu and the interactive air workshop.

The aim of the tours for schools is to provide an insight into the world of aviation and to enable visitors to learn about the facilities and how the airport functions. In 2002, more than 4,700 school children were able to contemplate at a closer range than usual the type of work undertaken at Palma de Mallorca airport.

These activities are supported with educational materials specially created by professionals for these tours, giving priority to active student participation and observation.

Specifically, the schools that visit the airport can choose between four programmes created in accordance with the students's age. For the youngest students, there is «Open runway, learn about the airport», aimed at preschool and first year primary education and «The adventure of flying, discover the airport», for children in the second or third year of primary education and the first year of compulsory secondary education. The «Palma Airport, yesterday and today» programme is aimed at schools that offer the second year of compulsory secondary education, higher secondary education, vocational training or adult education. Finally, «Introduction to the airport» is aimed at students in high schools, technical schools and adults.  

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