Photo gallery of Almería

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Almería is desert and sea, wind and sun. The province, located in the most southeastern point in the Iberian Peninsula, is home to natural spaces that vividly amaze visitors in a way that they won't forget. These include the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park: natural, naked land, without even fresh water or woodland; raw landscape.

  • Almería. Panoramic view
  • Sun of Portocarrero
  • Alcazaba
  • Alcazaba. La pólvora tower
  • Wall of Jayrán
  • Arab cisterns
  • Cathedral of Almería
  • Cathedral. Main façade
  • Cathedral. Inside
  • Cathedral chorus
  • Bishop's palace
  • San Pedro Church
  • San Sebastián Hermitage
  • La Virgen del Mar Sanctuary
  • El Cable Inglés
  • Food Market
  • Casa del Cine
  • Purchena Port
  • Paseo de Almería promenade
  • Plaza de Barcelona square
  • Diputación palace
  • Fishing port
  • Plaza Vieja square
  • Barrio de la Chanca neighbourhood
  • Renfe Station
  • Waterfront
  • Las Almadravillas Park
  • Civil War Shelters
  • Cave paintings in the Los Letreros Cave
  • Los Millares settlement