Medical care


Services and equipment for responding to emergencies and first aid requirements.


Malaga Airport has 12 Cardiac Rescue Points, equipped with SAEDs (Semi-Automatic External Defibrillators), which are intended to help users in the event of cardiac arrest. It is possible to check the locations of these defibrillators using the airport maps

    Medical service
    Medical centre
    • Telephone: 952 048 834 / 952 048 835
    Medical service
    Special needs lounge

    The Malaga airport has a lounge for passengers with special needs, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or other developmental disorders, as well as for people who require privacy for recharging batteries for mechanical prostheses or other medical ailments. It is a separate room equipped to offer a pleasant and controlled environment.

    In order to access the lounge, you must make a request at the passenger service desk, at Aena information points or at the assistance points for people with reduced mobility. Its use will be subject to availability.

    If you are planning on using our airport and would like to notify us of this need, please contact us in advance to arrange your request by sending an e-mail to