Cultural heritage

The airport has performed careful archaeological oversight to prevent possible issues caused by the airport expansion works.

Throughout its history the area around the lower reaches of the Guadalhorce, where the airport is located, has been a site with ideal conditions for settlements of different civilisations, as has been shown by various studies and archaeological digs in the area.

With this background, and in compliance with the conditions of the Environmental Impact Statement for the airport extension (DIA 2003 and DIA 2006), during the building work Plan Málaga has carried out a rigorous archaeological survey in order to prevent any impact on known sites, while monitoring new finds and reporting them to the relevant official body. As a result of this archaeological activity, the predicted finds have been confirmed throughout the area, particularly around the Guadalhorce estuary, with the following sites being particularly notable:

  • Roman site of the Málaga–Fuengirola Railway Line.
  • La Rebanadilla archaeological site.
  • Cortijo Zapata archaeological site.
  • San Isidro archaeological site with Phoenician necropolis.