In line with Aena’s Integrated Quality, Environment and Energy Efficiency Management Policy, the Madrid-Cuatro Vientos airport understands its commitment to society to protect the environment and its contribution to sustainable air transport.

The airport’s commitment to the environment has been constantly and continuously developing in recent years by applying its own Integrated Management System for Quality and Environment.

In December 2006, this airport obtained the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard certification, awarded by AENOR, which recognises that the implemented environmental management system fulfils all requirements of this standard.

The airport is establishing different objectives to improve and adapt to the new requirements, such as compliance with legislation; improving dangerous waste storage conditions at a “clean point”; waste management with an authorised manager; creating intermediate collection points; reducing electrical energy consumption by installing LED lights in the buildings and outside, as well as setting up a photovoltaic plant; renewing the hydrocarbon separators; annual spillage analysis; monitoring and controlling airport companies, etc. This all aims to guarantee environmental security and protection.

In addition, environmental awareness training activities are being held for different companies, aiming to prevent risks, preserve resources and encourage re-use and recycling.