Fast Track


Quick access to the security checkpoint in Terminal T4, 1st floor.

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Useful information

Terminal T4. Floor 2. Check-in area

Opening hours:

05:00 to 16:00

Terms of service
  • Holders of associated airline business class tickets and club cards.
  • Other passengers may have access after paying the corresponding fee via the app or Aena website.
  • Passengers travelling with children will have preferential, free access to the family security checkpoints.


Each purchase reserves the right to one priority access with a validity of 7 days from the date of receipt. Returns are not accepted.


The right to priority access to security checkpoints does not exempt passengers from undergoing security checks, nor from the application of any other checks which the airports have in place for security reasons. Priority access users must respect airport safety rules at all times.

The use of preferential access to security checkpoints does not exempt passengers from their obligation of undergoing security checks within the time in advance before their departure detailed in their carriage contract.

  • Price per person: €11
  • Aena Club Cliente members: 8.80?
  • Children under 6: free.

Prices include VAT.