Executive Area

Lanzarote airport has a Terminal building and an apron for General Aviation.

The facilities, located in the north area, next to the Cargo Terminal, have various services to facilitate and streamline operations of this type of aviation.

Internal regulations

  • Regardless of their point of departure, aircrafts must park at the General Aviation Apron (P.A.G.) if they meet these three requirements:
    • Maximum take-off weight below 7 tonnes.
    • Wingspan of no more than 15 metres.
    • Propeller propulsion system.

    In the event of saturation at the P.G.A., these aircraft may park at the P.A.C. Walking is strictly prohibited at the Commercial Aviation Apron (P.A.C.)

  • All aircraft parked at the P.A.C. are obliged to contract a handling service as set forth in the AIP Spain (A.D.1.1-3 Item 2.1.6).
  • The pilot is responsible for properly anchoring the aircraft to avoid the effects of the wind.
  • When parking at the P.A.G., a signalman (yellow follow me vehicle) must be provided a telephone number on arrival in order to contact the crew if necessary.

Access and facilities

  • The P.G.A. is entered and exited via the Control Barrier located opposite this apron.
  • All crews shall be subject to the relevant customs and security inspection at the Control Barrier.
  • Before departure, all crews must present a copy of the Flight Plan at the Control Barrier, which will include the number of persons on board, and the "General Statement" duly completed for security purposes.
  • Flights can be prepared at the General Aviation Terminal offices, which has the ICARO application (FPL, AIS information, PIB), AMA (METAR, TAFOR, maps) and Internet access to consult the AIP.
  • If they wish, crews can also complete pre-flight procedures at the COM/AIS/ARO offices of the CEOPS in the T1 terminal building, which is accessed from the land side (see map).
  • At the time of presenting the FPL, the duly completed "General Statement" will be forwarded to the ARO office using the fax available in the office.

Interesting information

Aena Operations Centre (CEOPS)
Telephone numbers: (+0034) 928 846 003 / (+0034) 928 846 006 / (+0034) 928 846 011
Email: ACECEOPS@aena.es
SITA (Aeronautic Telecommunication International Company): ACEAPYF
Telephone: (+0034) 928 846 005
Fax: (+0034) 928 846 004
Telephone: (+0034) 928 821 897
Telephone: (+0034) 928 846 185
Telephone: (+0034) 928 846 183
Airport Tourist Office
Telephone: (+0034) 928 846 073

Handling Agents

Telephone numbers: (+0034) 636 283 747 / (+0034) 928 846 235
Telephone numbers: (+0034) 670 343 209 / (+0034) 928 846 141
Telephone: (+0034) 928 846 111