La Palma Airport, in keeping with Aena's environmental policy, has had an environment management system implemented and certified under the UNE-ISO-14001 Standard since 2001.

The environment management system in effect at La Palma airport is based on the compulsory participation of each and every group of workers involved in the day-to-day running of the airport premises. As such, numerous training courses have been conducted to ensure that all staff are familiar with the content and aims of the system, as well as their own role in this area.

This certification consolidates the environmental policy of La Palma airport, a process initiated in 1997 with a commitment on the part of the airport to engage in training and awareness-raising activities that promote and disseminate respect for the environment.

The environmental policy in effect at La Palma airport impacts directly on the management of issues such as water, electricity, the disposal of office material, the visual impact of new infrastructures and the waste generated by airport activity.

This airport's commitment to the environment obeys the need for respect for the immediate surroundings and for the meticulous maintenance of the unique space constituted by an island.

New power plant

The new airport power station reflects the importance of renewable energy, respect for the environment and the new trends in power generation by using wind energy to service all its various facilities.

As such, La Palma airport has become the country's first airport complex to be powered by wind energy. Its facilities are equipped with two aerogenerators. These are designed in such a way as to permit the use of two sources of energy, one primary and one secondary. The use of these sources is at the user's discretion, based on the programmable integrated management system and the logic of the network-aerogenerators-groups design.

This project marks Aena's determination to embrace the revaluation and promotion of the use of renewable energies on an island where the conservation of the environment is crucial to its development.