Cultural tours

La Palma airport runs a programme of tours, mainly attended by school children from the island. These guided tours consist of a tour of the airport installations with appropriate explanations given at all times by Aena Aeropuertos personnel. «What to do if you are lost in the airport? Where is flight information displayed? What is the procedure for checking-in and boarding?, When and how do the fire services act? Where do the suitcases come from? When do they come out onto the baggage reclaim carousel?». These are some of the questions which will be answered during the tours.

La Palma airport has also collaborated in the «air baptism» of some of the school children who have visited. Your first trip by air is an experience you never forget and, for this reason, Aena has shown its awareness and has helped organise short flights from La Palma to Tenerife Norte for these young future passengers of our airport.

The tours have also been organised for groups of Saharan children who are on the island temporarily during the summer season. The tours have become a tradition for the organisations and families responsible for these childrens' stay on La Palma.

The tours must be arranged in advance and in order to do so you need to call tel. 922 426 131 / 132.