Photo gallery of Alicante

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To speak of the province of Alicante is to speak of Mediterranean sun and light, the dreamlike coves and beaches of the Costa Blanca, of water activities, of time-honoured festivals like the Mystery Play of Elche or Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians), of farm and sea gastronomy, of the extensive palm tree groves and interior mountains…

  • Panoramic view of Alicante
  • Alicante
  • Panoramic view from the castle of Santa Bárbara
  • Carbonell house
  • City Hall
  • Central Market
  • San Nicolás de Bari Co.Cathedral
  • Co-Cathedral. Nave and high altar
  • Santa María Basilica
  • Santa Faz Monastery
  • Santa Cruz Hermitage
  • Main theatre
  • Auditorium of the Regional Government of Alicante
  • Explanada de España promenade
  • Paseo de Gómiz promenade
  • Plaza de los Luceros square
  • Canalejas Park
  • El Palmeral Park
  • Contemporary Art Museum
  • Alicante Provincial Archaeological Museum
  • Gravina Fine Arts Museum
  • Alicante City Museum
  • Bonfire Museum
  • Las Cigarreras Contemporary Culture
  • La Lonja exhibition hall
  • Alicante. Ciudad de la luz
  • Tabarca island
  • Houses in the city of Tabarca
  • Lucentum archaeological site
  • El Monastil Iberian-Roman town