Sound emissions

The Environment Department of Gran Canaria Airport has Noise Measurement Terminals (NMT) strategically located around the perimeter of the airport to detect, measure and associate the noise produced by aircraft as they fly over the microphones installed in strategic zones in the surrounding area.

The locations of the measurement terminals were selected in order to correctly measure environmental noise levels in the airport's area of influence. There are 4 fixed terminals and 1 mobile terminal for the daily monitoring of aircraft noise pollution.

TMR-1: Telde. PLOCAN
TMR-2: Ingenio. "El Burrero" civic center 
TMR-3: Agüimes. "Edén de Vargas" social local 
TMR-4: Santa Lucía de Tirajana. "Pozo Izquierdo" Neighborhood Association
TMR-5: Ingenio (mobile). IES Carrizal