Extension of the terminal

The Ministry of Public Works, through Aena, has carried out the expansion of Fuerteventura airport terminal.

The renovation works, to which over €237 million have been allocated, double the airport capacity and will allow it to handle eight million passengers per year.

The expansion of the terminal, going from 36,000 to 93,000 square metres, has been carried out in three phases, which have been coordinated so as to not interfere in airport activity.

In the first phase a new arrivals area was built with 6 new baggage reclaim carousels, to give the 13 carousels available now. The second phase involved a new boarding area with 12 new gates, bringing the total to 24, and 6 new telescopic airbridges to give a total of 13. The third and final phase concentrates on the new check-in area with 31 new desks to give a total of 65, and the remodelling of the existing terminal and its surrounding area.

The new terminal is distributed over three floors:

  • Basement, with a surface area of 28,000 square metres.
  • Ground floor, covering 38,000 square metres. It holds, on the one hand, the departures lobby, with 65 check-in desks (31 more) and, on the other, the arrivals hall and the baggage reclaim hall.
  • First floor, covering 27,000 square metres, allocated to the departures lounge (24 gates), restaurants and other services.

In addition to the terminal expansion, other work have carried out to improve the airport including building a new control tower, expanding the apron and implementing the automated baggage handling system.

These projects have been co-funded with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Fuerteventura airport has paid special attention to caring for the environment. It has restored the areas affected by the works by planting native species, also used as a natural barrier to reduce the noise and visual impact of airport activity. Furthermore, the airport has reduced overflights in Puerto del Rosario, has built a sea water desalination plant and has obtained ISO 14001 certification.