F.G.L. Granada-Jaén Airport pays much attention to environmental matters: This effort in ecology was recognised in April 2002 with the attainment of the environmental management systems certification ISO 14001 issued by AENOR (Spanish Standards and Certification Association).

The system adopted by the airport includes the following: the protection of green spaces, the tree and garden landscape areas in the grounds, the reduction in the impact of the airport on the area's fauna; the regulation, control and collection of water for human consumption and irrigation; the contol of dumping of rainwater into public waterways and of waste from the airport purification system; the control of atmospheric emissions from the electrical equipment, auxiliary motors and from vehicles; the reduction in the consumption of natural resources and the recycling of certain dangerous residues after their declassification.

To this end, the airport has a «green area» dedicated to the management, classification and storage of dangerous waste as well as a platform for the deposit and storage of dry and reusable materials.

A special area also has been constructed to carry out fire drills without contaminating the land where the waste generated by such activities can be recycled or removed by an authorised handling company.

Furthermore, within the management system that is implemented, the airport monitors and controls the activity of companies which work on the premises, making sure that the environment is affected as little as possible and that current environmental regulations are fulfilled.

Finally, the airport also has a falcon unit to avoid any collision between bird life and aircraft due to the air traffic.