Strategy and CR Action Plan

We want to be seen as a company that is valuable for its environment, which takes care of people and is transparent in its actions.

With Aena’s CR Strategy, we aim to set a trend by managing our company through business practices that contribute to achieving responsible and sustainable tourism.

For this reason, our CR Strategy is based on three main pillars:

  • Natural capital. This includes actions that guarantee the balance with the surroundings and respect for the environment.
  • Social contribution, to bring value to the company in general, always keeping in mind our idea of business.
  • Transparency, with the aim of encouraging dialogue with our stakeholders, building trust and creating shared value.

The CR Strategy is set out in an action plan, made up up 7 programmes with specific actions aimed at protecting the environment and caring for the areas in which we operate; service excellence; caring for society; the well-being of our employees; transparency and dialogue with stakeholders, under ethics and integrity management criteria.

  • Programme 1. Environmental actions relating to activity and operations.
  • Programme 2. Social environmental actions.
  • Programme 3. Provision of services.
  • Programme 4. Participation in projects promoted by or in collaboration with third parties.
  • Programme 5. Employees.
  • Programme 6. Transparency / relations with stakeholders.
  • Programme 7. CR Governance.