Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of plans

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a preventive instrument permitting the integration of environmental aspects in decision-making on plans and public programmes, which is implemented by Aena for the environmental evaluation of its airports' directive plans.

The legislation on strategic environmental assessment (SEA) on a national level is represented by environmental assessment Law 21/2013, of 9 December.For the first time, this law unifies the strategic environmental assessment of plans and programmes and the assessment of a project’s environmental impact in a single regulation, thereby establishing a similar scheme for both procedures and unifying its terminology.

On this basis, during the drafting process of the Aena airport Directive Programme, the strategic environmental assessment procedure (SEA) is included as an additional measure, which concludes with the publication of the corresponding strategic environmental declaration in the Official State Gazette.

Also, in the ambit of environmental monitoring, Aena manages compliance with the obligations defined in the corresponding environmental reports, either directly or coordinating with the various units involved, and in all cases is responsible for accrediting compliance with the environmental authority.

The reports obtained in this area, and the reports of compliance, may be found in the airports listed below.

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