Social initiatives

The ‘Abrazando valores’ [Embracing values] project sets in context initiatives with which we actively participate in society, responding to the needs of vulnerable groups and establishing strategic alliances with the aim of thinking up new forms of collaboration that place the common good ahead of all other interests.

Use of premises

Spaces for solidarity

We provide social entities and non-for-profit organisations with premises in order for them to give visibility to and raise awareness of their projects.

Every year, the number of entities involved grows, consequently increasing average occupancy of these premises.

Exhibition areas

Many of our airports have exhibition areas available for displays relating to social themes of general interest (health, childhood, poverty, local promotion, etc.) organised by third parties.

Communication channels

We provide entities with our internal communication channels distributed among more than 7,000 of our employees.

Indicators (2017)

Event celebrations

Solidarity event

The solidarity event, celebrated yearly, brings together non-for-profit entities committed to disabilities, childhood, fair trade, etc. Together, they make up a platform to exchange experiences between companies that work at the airport and the social entities that fight for integration.

Twenty institutions took part in the solidarity event at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport in 2017. This event provides a platform for the exchange of experiences relating to the fight for integration.

Solidarity days

Social entities that promote fair trade, support for people with disabilities, etc. , are regularly present in our offices to offer solidarity products and raise awareness of their goals and projects among our employees.

Visits and open days

We offer guided visits to school students, universities, professional groups, sensitive groups (with disabilities, etc.). Those interested have the opportunity to see and discover the world of airports, air transport and general aviation, creating links between the environmental, social and economic aspects of our surroundings and airport management.

Indicators (2017)

Humanitarian aid

Through the Vacaciones en Paz (‘Holidays in peace’) programme, we collaborate with humanitarian associations to welcome youth from Chernobyl, the Sahara, etc.

Indicators (2017)

Ambulance flights

We see to health emergency flights, ambulance flights and firefighting actions. Furthermore, we collaborate with the National Transplant Organisation (ONT) in transplanting.

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Corporate volunteering

Aena Volunteers, Aena’s corporate volunteering programme

In line with Aena’s culture and values, the Aena Volunteers programme fosters the collaboration of the entire Aena community with social organisations and vulnerable sectors through different types of volunteering:

  • Sports volunteering: Promotes the participation of our employees in charity sports events and collaboration in the organisation thereof, while encouraging healthy habits and practices.
  • Professional volunteering: Employees get the chance to offer NGOs their job-specific professional skills according to their qualifications and occupation.
  • Communicating volunteering and social action opportunities. Strives to raise awareness regarding social transformation through its own communication channels, and also promotes employee participation in charity information and awareness-raising activities.

In this way, Aena aims to promote initiatives that contribute to creating a better and more responsible future, focusing particularly on caring for the more vulnerable communities in our area.