Social aspects

Social commitment
Social commitment

Aena is committed to values such as coexistence, integration, culture, knowledge and protecting the environment, and we support projects promoting or publicising these values.

Aena collaborates with institutions and develops social initiatives designed to promote culture, international aid and environmental awareness. To do this, Aena commits to contributing to social, cultural and educational development with projects of different types in collaboration with various institutions, contributing to meeting the basic needs of the least privileged groups.

Aena, as a member of the Empresa y Sociedad Foundation, whose mission it is to promote social action as part of company strategy, makes the following commitments:

  • Improving its social action strategy and practices.
  • Communicating its social actions appropriately and supporting the institutional activities of the Foundation to promote social action in the business sector.

Aena manifests its social commitment in different ways:

Quality of service:

  • Aena voluntary adheres to RD 951/2005 on the improvement of quality in the State Administration, and has published Charters for their services to Air Navigation, airport passengers and airlines.

Customer information and assistance system (Aena call centre):

  • All Aena management involved in providing information to the public is co-ordinated internally via the H24 Network Management Centre, so that it can share the information available in the system. In this way, consistent and current information can be provided through all the channels available to passengers (Aena call centre, public website, press releases, etc.).
  • The Aena Telephone Information and Assistance Service is intended to respond to requests for information from Aena's internal clients (Aena personnel) and external customers (passengers, airlines, etc.).

Improving the provision of information to the public:

  • In the main airports a public information service is provided, called “green jackets”, with personnel providing information of various kinds about the airport, overflights, passenger rights, complaints and suggestions, among other things.
  • Aena is now developing a new passenger assistance service called “Virtual flight attendants”. This new project gives passengers information through screens distributed throughout the airport.

Treatment of claims, complaints and suggestions:

  • In 2016, Aena managed a total of 10,484 complaints:
    • 6,111 complaints relating to airports (1,541 of which related to security services, 1,468 to carparks, 570 to buildings, 484 to information systems and 411 to retailling services).
    • Also, although not part of Aena's remit, another 4,373 complaints were handled which concerned Transport Contracts (3,730) or Handling (643).
  • In order to apply Act 11/2007, of 22 June, on electronic access by the public to Public Services, in December 2009 a new mechanism for receiving and handling complaints and suggestions (RQS) through eGovernment was implemented. Members of the public can use this to obtain information on the procedures to follow, download forms, make their complaints and suggestions electronically or consult their status.

Guided tours of airports

Aena has various programmes of guided tours in airports for people (school groups, university groups, retirees, associations, etc.) interested in finding out how different airport activities work.

The experience of these visits is always positive, as they give a greater understanding of how airports work than the normal experience of users. The initiative is intended to build the knowledge and education of future users of this type of transport, offering visitors an opportunity to observe and discover the world of airports, air transport and aviation in general, relating the environmental, social and economic aspects of our surroundings with airport management.

Agreements and sponsorships
Agreements and sponsorships

Collaboration agreements with other institutions

To enhance its integration in the social, environmental and institutional fabric of the areas where it has facilities, Aena has collaboration agreements with other institutions in order to carry out various actions and projects to improve infrastructure and public services in the communities where its airports and control centres are located.

Throughout its existence, Aena has had different agreements and contracts regarding social integration and disability of any kind, solidarity, sustainable development, rehabilitation of people with addictive behaviour, etc. with such prestigious bodies as the Comité Español de Representantes de Personas con Discapacidad (Spanish Committee of Representatives of Disabled People (CERMI), ONCE/ ONCE Foundation, Instituto de Cooperación para el Desarrollo Sostenible (Institute of Cooperation for Sustainable Development) (ICODES), Asociación Danza Down, AFANÍAS and Proyecto Hombre.

It also collaborates with foundations of various types such as the Fundación para la Tartamudez, Fundación Lealtad, Colegio de Huérfanos de Hacienda, Fundación Deporte Joven, etc.

Agreements in compliance with the alternative measures of the Disabled Person Integration Act (LISMI)

Aena collaborates with the 'Despegando Capacidades' platform to encourage integration values in the context of culture, employment, leisure and life planning for disabled people. This platform is made up of 7 social bodies: Grupos Amás, Danza Down, Apsuria, Afanias, Fundación Capacis, Atenpace and Apmib.

Aena employees and their families also benefit from these agreements, which give them access to various resources for help with disabilities, occupational centres, special employment centres, etc. Aena employees can find this information on the Human Resources Intranet.

Environmental sustainability

Aena collaborates with different international institutions to improve the environmental sustainability of the organisation:

  • Ministry of Public Works workgroup on Climate Change and Transport.
  • Technical workgroup on noise with local councils, Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs
  • National Environment Conference (CONAMA).
  • Foundation for Research on Law and Companies (FIDE).
  • Sustainability Excellence Club (Environment Group).
  • ACI Europe Environmental Estrategy Committee.
  • ACI Europe Climate Change Task Force.
  • ACI Europe Airport Carbon Accreditation Task Force.
  • GRI Airports practitioners’ network.

Joint projects with Universities: Reference Centre for ATM Research, Development and Innovation (CRIDA)

Among many other projects developed between Aena and universities, Aena led the creation of the Centro de Referencia de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación ATM (Reference Centre for ATM Research, Development and Innovation, CRIDA) for air traffic control, in February 2008, under the legal format of an Economic Interest Group, constituted by Aena (66%), Ineco (17%) and the Polytechnic University of Madrid (17%).

CRIDA exists in order to analyse and evaluate concepts, procedures and systems for air traffic control-ATM so that they may be introduced in the future as instruments and support mechanisms for the provision of Air Traffic Services.

Services for people with disabilities
Services for people with disabilities

In compliance with the European Parliament regulation EC1107/2006, as from 26 July 2008 all European airports will operate an assistance service for passengers with reduced mobility.

This European Union measure represents great social progress for disabled people, and Aena has made financial, material and human resources available so that all Spanish Airports can provide a quality service ensuring access to air travel for everyone to anywhere in Europe, whatever their disability.

All airports in the Aena network offer clearly marked meeting points, where people with disabilities or reduced mobility can easily announce their arrival at the airport and ask for assistance.

The service can be requested through the Aena website or the Information Service and Telephone Support number (902 404 704+34 91 321 10 00).

In 2012, the support service for people with reduced mobility helped more than 1,385,000 passengers. The quality indicators of this service are very high: passengers receiving the Sin Barreras (No Barriers) service gave it an average score of 4.8 out of 5.

Telephone information and helpline for hearing and/or speech impaired passengers

Aena has an information and customer service line for passengers with hearing and/or speech impairment.

This services allows users with these impairments to contact the Information and Customer Service Line from their mobile phone using text messages in real time, without the need for other people to act as intermediaries.

To use the service, which operates 24 hours a day every day of the year, interested parties should download the free app to their mobile phones from

Interested parties can call Aena information lines (902 404 704 / +34 91 321 10 00) for any queries or ask for assistance directly in Aena network airports.

Awards and recognition

Aena's work has been recognised with various Spanish and international awards for accessibility and universal assistance:

  • The PRM service has received the Citizenship Award for Best Practices in Public Services, given by the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Administration as part of the 2010 Awards for Quality and Innovation in Public Management.
  • Aena received the Telefónica Ability Award for "Best Public Institution", recognising that PRM are at the centre of all their actions.
  • CERMI awarded Aena the ‘ 2010’ prize in the category “Universal Accessibility”, highlighting Aena's initiatives in accessibility for PRM. This prize is especially important for Aena, as it is awarded by the users of the service.
  • Three Aena airports (Barcelona, Madrid-Barajas and Palma de Mallorca) have received the Best Airport in Europe award given by ACI Europe. Among other aspects, this award values collaboration with disability organisations.

These are all examples of how Aena's commitment to disability is making progress in the right direction, and will encourage the organisation to continue working for improvement day by day.

Links of interest

A space for solidarity
A space for solidarity

NGO stands in airports

In 2008, Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas, Valencia, Malaga-Costa del Sol and Palma de Mallorca airports launched the “Spaces for solidarity” campaign, which has since been joined by Alicante-Elche, Barcelona-El Prat, Sevilla, Girona-Costa Brava, Gran Canaria, A Coruña, Tenerife Norte, Bilbao, Pamplona and Lanzarote airports.

This project consists of granting the use of a stand in airport terminals to social agencies, to enable them to publicise their activities or carry out specific campaigns.

Aena supporting culture
Aena supporting culture

Aena Documentation and Publications Centre

The Aena Documentation and Publications Centre (CDP) is our centre for technical and professional information resources. It selects, analyses, catalogues and distributes specialist information regarding airports and air navigation; identifies information sources, subjects and experts; publishes material; trains Aena documentalists; and maintains relationships with other documentation centres in the sector. The CDP is also in charge of establishing standards and procedures to ensure the quality of Aena publications.