International Co-operation Programme

Aena has an International Co-operation Programme.

Co-operation International Policy objectives

Aena's International Cooperation Policy, approved by the Chairmanship of Aena on 15 December 2003, establishes the objectives and directives defining Aena's international cooperation activities.

In 2014, 210 professionals from the airport, air navigation and civil aviation sector from 20 countries - mainly Latin American - benefited from different activities from our International Cooperation Programme and it is estimated that more than 250 people will participate in the same programme in 2015.

Thus, in the ten years that the programme has been operational, more than 2,500 professionals in the sector have benefited from its various activities.

Quality objectives

For the purposes of controlling and monitoring cooperation activities, there are indicators directly relating to their quality objectives, which are:

  • Achieving a high quality level in the technical co-operation seminars organised: score above 8.5 (out of 10) obtained in 100% of the seminars.
  • Achieving a high quality level in the annual co-operation scholarship programme: score above 9 (out of 10) obtained by the scholarship recipients.