All-time high in Aena network airports which have closed 2018 at more than 263.7 million passengers


14 January 2019

Passenger traffic grew by 5.8% compared to the previous year

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport is the network leader by number of passengers at more than 57.8 million (+8.4%), followed by Barcelona-El Prat with over 50.1 million (+6.1%) and Palma de Mallorca with over 29 million (+4.0%).

Aircraft movements were up by 5.8% to more than 2.3 million operations

In December there were over 17.6 million passengers, more than 163,800 aircraft movements and over 83,500 tons of freight

The airports in the Aena network ended 2018 with more than 263.7 million passengers, which is 5.8% more than the previous year, breaking a historical record.

Specifically, they totalled 263,753,406 travellers, of which 182.5 million were on international flights, 4.1% more than in 2017, and 80.4 million on domestic flights, up by 10%. Around 263 million of these nearly 264 million passengers were commercial passengers, a 5.9% rise.

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport had the highest number of passengers in 2018 at almost 57.9 million and an 8.4% increase over 2017. It is followed by Barcelona-El Prat with over 50.1 million (+6.1%) and Palma de Mallorca with over 29 million (+4.0%).

Also once again above the 10 million passenger mark in 2018 were Málaga-Costa del Sol airport with over 19 million (+2.1%); Alicante-Elche with almost 14 million (+2.0%); Gran Canaria with 13.5 million (+3.7%) and Tenerife Sur with more than 11 million (-1.8%).

As for the number of operations, in 2018 the Aena airports network handled over 2.3 million movements (2,300,189), 5.8% more than in the previous year. The airport with the highest number of landings and takeoffs was Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas with a total of 409,832 (+5.7%), followed by Barcelona-El Prat, with 335,651 flights (+3.7%); Palma de Mallorca, with 220,329 (+5.5%); Málaga-Costa del Sol, with 141,313 (+3.0%); Gran Canaria, with 131,030 (+10.5%); Alicante-Elche, with 96,734 (+1.5%) and Valencia, with 75,834 (+11.5%).

Last year freight carried outperformed 2017 at over 1,010 tons, which is a 9.9% rise. The four airports with the highest freight traffic were Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas with almost 519,000 tons (+9.9%); Barcelona-El Prat with almost 173,000 tons (10.8%); Zaragoza with 166,833 tons (+17.3%) and Vitoria with 62,156 tons (+2.8%).

December 2018

In December 17,604,861 passengers went through the airports in Aena’s network, a 7.6% rise compared to 2017. As for the number of operations, there were 163,830 aircraft movements in Aena’s airport network, 8.5% more than in the same month of 2017. The total figure for freight traffic stood at over 83,517 tons, 6.5% more.