Aena earns international recognition for its commitment to fighting climate change


3 March 2021

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has once again awarded Aena a place on its A List for climate change, the organisation’s highest rating

Aena is one of only 11 Spanish companies to have achieved the highest ranking

In recognition of Aena’s drive to meet its decarbonisation and environmental stewardship commitments, the company has for the second year in a row earned the highest rating for climate change awarded by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) which has assessed its strategy for combating climate change and the measures it has put in place in this area.

Over the past few months Aena has reviewed the targets in its Climate Change Strategy which will be included in the company's Climate Action Plan. It is the first Spanish company and one of the first in the world to submit this Plan for approval at its own shareholders' meeting

Every year the CDP sends a specific survey on climate change to the largest companies and cities around the world to compile and evaluate information on their strategy, emission reduction measures, climate risks and opportunities. One of these companies is Aena which has been recognised for its efforts with an A rating, the highest awarded by the CDP and above the average for Europe and its industry.

The Carbon Disclosure Project scores companies on a scale from the highest level A to the lowest level D and which is comparable among firms in the same region or industry. Last year, over 9,500 companies worldwide answered the survey and only 270 achieved an A rating, 11 of which are Spanish including Aena.

The CDP is an international not-for-profit charity which promotes sustainable economies. It shares environmental information from leading companies to enable investment decisions which embrace climate change as a strategic factor.

Aena moves towards zero emissions with its Climate Action Plan

Aena’s participation in the CDP report and in other initiatives such as the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme, which acknowledges the efforts of airports to manage and reduce their CO2 emissions, confirms the company’s steadfast commitment in its fight against climate change and also its transparency in its relationship with its surroundings in order to share quality information with all its stakeholders.

Aena has mapped out a Climate Action Plan derived from its Sustainability Strategy which encompasses its actions to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Aena’s goal in this area is to bring forward its carbon neutrality programme to 2026 and for all its airports to be carbon-neutral as part of a global network programme. In terms of the ACI’s ACA (Airport Carbon Accreditation), the number of airports to be included in the programme will be increased so that the seven main airports in the network reach Level 3+ Neutrality by 2026. Meanwhile, its Photovoltaic Plan, which is already underway, will enable the company to achieve 100% self-supply of electricity from renewable sources at its airports by 2026. All of this is an intermediate step towards attaining net zero carbon emissions in all airports in the network by 2040.