Palma de Mallorca


Bidding for space in Module C.


The third airport in the Aena network, Palma de Mallorca (almost 24 million passengers per year), is reconfiguring its retail offer in its Module C.

Seven shop fronts are being opened up for bids (almost 1,400 m2 in total) in the first bidding option, or three stores (one with almost 2,000 m2, 2,250 m2 in total) in the second bidding option. The offer will feature fashion, press, a delicatessen and other activities.

Additionally, two restaurant areas (over 1,000 m2) are being renovated with a view to establishing themselves for 8 years of new contracts.

With 167 destinations, including the main airports in Germany, you have the chance to be part of its new commercial offer.

Objectives for this commercial renovation of Module C of Palma de Mallorca airport

  • Offer the best brands, the best offer.
  • Improve customers' shopping experience.
  • Position the offer by price and separate it into categories, with innovative, exclusive travel retail formats.
  • Improve all airport processes.
  • Boost shopping with new technologies.

Procurement process

In the attached document you'll find below, you can see all of the available store areas and the two bidding options, as well as the timeline for the commercialisation process.

This commercial renovation will provide a boost for this one terminal.

proceso de contratación comercial


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