Business opportunities

Information on spaces and facilities available at the airports for leasing and new developments.


  • Sabadell Airport
    • Two hangars: Each one is 528 m2.
    • Use: Storage and maintenance of aircraft (own and/or by third parties).
    • Next tender.

Service stations

  • Asturias airport
    • Already existing facilities. Land Side and Air Side.
  • Gran Canaria Airport
    • Existing facilities. Air Side.
    • Next tender.
  • La Palma Airport
    • Existing facilities. Land Side and Air Side.
    • Next tender.

Other business

  • Seville Airport: Waste facility
    • Collection of waste and management of waste transfer plant (2,711 m2).
    • Next tender.
  • Jerez Airport: Agricultural operation
    • Agricultural management of airport land. 120 ha.
    • Next tender.

Additional information

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