A space for solidarity

Barcelona-El Prat Airport has launched the project Espacios solidarios (Spaces for solidarity), an initiative which forms part of the external social action policy of Aena. This provides social organisations with a space to reach the public in terminals T1 and T2, where they can publicise their activities and other actions to raise social awareness.

In both terminals, T1 and T2, the space for the charity or cause is located in the public arrivals area, where there is heavy passenger traffic.

The social agencies who would like to make use of this space in the airport should request it at least 30 days in advance, through the Benefits and Social Projects Area of the Organisation and Human Resources Management, by emailing bcpsas@aena.es, and presenting documentation accrediting the activity. Once the proposal is approved, Aena and the successful organisation will sign an administrative contract ceding the space, to formalise the action.

These organisations must meet at least three of the following conditions: suggest a campaign in the public interest, present financial records and an audit, belong to a coordinating body or platform, hold the Fundación Lealtad Evaluation Certificate of Principles of Transparency and Best Practice, or hold a Declaration of Public Interest.