The airport's goal is to reduce consumption of potable water without reducing the quality of our services.

Water scarcity represents a serious problem in the Mediterranean basin. As such, since it introduced its environmental management system, the airport's goals have included reducing the consumption of drinking water, without reducing the level of quality in the services provided to its customers.

The tasks carried out during this period have included:

  • Maintenance of water-supply networks and control of consumption meters as support for early detection of leaks.
  • Collecting and reusing the water used in the daily testing of pump motors in fire-fighting vehicles.
  • Installation of water-saving devices in bathroom taps in the Aena technical block and push-button taps in the Terminal.
  • Creation and distribution of awareness-raising messages to save water, specifically addressing Aena personnel.
  • Existence of a system for collecting water and hydrocarbons separately from the fire-fighting service's practice platform. This enables the reuse of both in later practice, through a system of pumps powered by solar panels.
  • The airport gardens are designed according to xerogardening principles, using mostly native or drought-adapted species which need less water and maintenance. Drip irrigation is used.