Subway is synonymous with the best filled rolls. It's the tastiest option for sandwiches freshly prepared to the customer's specifications with different types of freshly-baked gourmet breads. It's the fresh, healthy sandwich shop. Subway serves the largest and most varied selection of sandwiches, from the traditional tuna and ham to the classic bacon, and surprising fillings such as teriyaki chicken or meatballs. As well as sandwiches, there are salads made right in front of the customer with the ingredients they choose, and breakfasts and desserts with delicious cookies and muffins.

Lavazza serves delicious coffee blends, designed especially for the brand, and a wide range of little treats for any time of day.

Closed temporarily due to COVID-19.

Useful information

Opening hours

Subway, 8:00 to 22:00; Lavazza, 7:00 to 21:30



Floor 2. Departures. Passenger-only zone