Services to resolve incidents with checked-in baggage, left luggage and plastic-wrapping machines.

Lost luggage
  • Telephone: 966 919 064
Iberia Handling
  • Telephone: 966 919 013
  • Telephone: 966 919 386
Menzies Aviation
  • Telephone: 966 919 060 (Easyjet) / 966 919 080 (Norwegian)
  • Telephone: 966 919 298
Left luggage office
Left luggage

Services include luggage storage, suitcase packing, luggage courier and transport between the airport and homes or hotels, recovery of lost items, and assistants to carry luggage throughout the terminal.

It also has a multi-service store with luggage and travel accessories, packing materials, bicycle boxes, padlocks, suitcases and cervical pillows, amongst others.

Services can be booked online in advance via its website

    Baggage wrapping machine