General car park P1

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The general car park P1 at Alicante-Elche Airport ensures you get the best service at the most competitive price. The car park is conveniently located a few metres from the terminal, which can be reached in just one minute. The ideal option for trips, or for picking up and dropping off passengers.

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Road access

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GPS co-ordinates

Latitude: 38º 17' 15.34'' N
Longitude:  0º 33' 14.82'' W

General car park P1

General car park P1


No booking rates:

First minute: 0.599925.
Minute 2 to minute 30: € 0.020687 per minute.
Minute 31 to minute 60: € 0.035994 per minute.
From minute 61: € 0.037636 per minute.
Maximum per day up to four days: €19.00.
Maximum per day after 5th day: €15.
Price include VAT.



  • 2,600 distributed over 6 floors.