Airport notices Vitoria

Commercial operations outside operating hours

The operation of commercial flights outside of operating hours may be requested within two consecutive hours before the end of each section of operating hours published in the AIP.

In order to so, the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Fill in the form which you can download here in Doc or PDF format.
  2. Then, submit the request form, which must be sent at least 4 hours and 15 minutes prior to the time of the operating request to the requests management centres provided by Aena. These include Aena’s 24-hour Network Management Centre and the Operations Centre of the airport itself.

  3. To contact these services:
    Vitoria Airport Operations Centre
    Telephone: 34 945 163 518 (under operating hours published in the AIP).

    Aena 24-hour Network Management Centre
    Telephone: 91 393 84 87
  4. The forms mentioned above must be completely filled out and sent to both e-mail addresses: and gesred–
  5. Please wait for your request to be either confirmed or declined through the contact methods you provided in the form.



Ask your airline about the necessary check-in time.

The general rule is:

  • Non-Schengen flights: 3 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • Domestic and Schengen flights: 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.