Airspace Management Plan 

Day-to-day management of the temporal assignment of airspace.

The Airspace Management Cell (AMC Spain) manages the day-to-day temporal assignment of airspace according to requests by users (ACC, FMP, units managing military zones and other accredited agencies) and draws up, thirty days in advance of operations, the Forecast Airspace Use Plan (FAUP). The day before operations it draws up the Airspace Use Plan (AUP). Exceptionally, between day D-30 and day D-1, the authorised agencies can make changes to the FAUP which will be reflected in the corresponding AUP.

  • Forecast Airspace Use Plan (FAUP)

    Every day, the AMC draws up a Forecast Airspace Use Plan 30 days before operations. It is drawn up before 14.00 hours UTC and is valid for 24 hours from 06:00 hours UTC on the day of operations. Any changes which may be made exceptionally are included in the corresponding AUP.

  • Forecast Update of the Airspace Use Plan (FUUP)

    The AMC may publish an Update to the Forecast Airspace Use Plan to amend the FAUP. The FUUP is published before 09:00 UTC of day D-29, and has the same validity period as the original FAUP to which it refers.


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