Air traffic control 

Air Traffic Management controls the air traffic in an orderly and safe manner.

Air traffic management

Through its different services, the main objective of the Air Navigation Air Traffic Management is to manage, organise and manage its resources to facilitate orderly and safe air traffic control.Likewise, another fundamental objective of air traffic control is to ensure that the air navigation system is capable of meeting the demand of existing air traffic at all times by Aena customers.

There are two different types of demand: internal and external. The first is related to the number of air movements managed by the different Air traffic control centres (ACC), while the second deals with the number of flights handled by Spanish flight information regions (FIR) and its comparison with the most important FIRs in Europe.

Air traffic in Spain is not regular all year round, but depends on the numbers of tourists at any given time. During the summer months it grows spectacularly, particularly in more popular areas such as Malaga, Majorca or Alicante. Hence, the evolution of air traffic is shown through statistical data relating to the level of demand. This data refers to the volume of movements handled by the regional management rather than to individual flights, given that a single flight may produce various movements on passing through the different divisions of Spanish airspace.


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