Restricted areas 

The limits and divisions of the Flight Information Regions of Spanish airspace.

Air Traffic Restrictions

There are two types of limitations affecting the areas where traffic is restricted in Spanish airspace.

The first relates to reasons of national security and/or activities that may interfere with flights, which are further divided into four types (reference: AIP-Spain ENR 5.1):

  • Prohibited area, where only aircraft authorised by the Ministry of Defence may fly.
  • Restricted area, where only temporary use is authorised.
  • Danger area, where activities take place which might be dangerous to aircraft, within a set, limited timetable.
  • Temporary Segregated Areas, where activation requires reserving airspace for the exclusive use of specific users during a certain period.

The second limitation stems from Aena's efforts to respect natural spaces, as part of its policy of commitment to the environment.For this reason, there are areas denominated as ecological zones which cannot be flown over, as they coincide with the normal routes used by migrating birds flying over the Iberian peninsula every year (reference: AIP-Spain ENR 5.6):


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